Project370: Media Release Archive

This page contains links to PDF files of media releases issued by the project.

Note of caution in a social media driven world: Unless it's here or on this website, any other news and commentary about the accident or project which you may have seen attributed to the project, did not come from Project370.

3 March 2017: MR001 - Project370 volunteers send condolences to MH370 next of kin.

3 March 2017: MR002 - Project370 volunteers hope to locate wreckage of flight MH370.

3 March 2017: MR003 - Project370 details proposed approach towards finding MH370.

4 March 2017: MR004 - Project370 clarifies stance on various MH370 accident theories.

6 March 2017: MR005 - Project370 offers co-operationto all fundraising efforts.

7 March 2017: MR006 - Project370 not party to any litigation in regard to MH370.

26 April 2017: MR007 - Project370 welcomes Tijmen De Boer to the board.

04 August 2017: MR008 - Project370 releases quarterly report to June 2017. (link to report)

07 October 2017: MR009 - Project 370 returns individual donations: Suspends crowd funding campaign

07 October 2017: MR010 -  Mike Chillit steps down from board of Project370