About Project370


Our purpose

An extract from the incorporation document of Project370:

"...Project370 Limited is incorporated exclusively for educational, and scientific purposes...(and) will raise funds to locate and identify the remains of Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200 Registration 9M-MRO which operated flight MH370 on 8 March 2014 and which was lost while operating that flight..."

The entity is registered as an incorporated, non-profit organisation in terms of the laws (Code title 29, Chapter 4) of the District of Columbia, United States. Furthermore, the corporation has applied to the US IRS for tax free status in terms of Section 501(c) 3 of the US Internal Revenue Services codes

 All involved, with the exception of legal counsel and the two contractors that will carry out the survey and ROV phases of the project, are volunteers.

You can click on this link to see our Official documentation including our certificate & articles of incorporation, our By-Laws and our Conflict of Interest Policy.

Read our interim report to end June 2017 here.

The current board members of Project370 LImited Inc. are:

Tijmen De Boer (NL)

TDeboerTijmen De Boer began his career as a Merchant Navy officer, qualifying as a large commercial vessel navigator (Stuurman Grote Handelsvaart). He then moved to the Royal Dutch Navy as a navigator. The bulk of his career has, however, been as a member of the  Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (Dutch abbreviation KNMI) where he became an official weather forecaster. For 22 years he was the senior forcaster at Schiphol airport. In addition to all this activity keeping aircraft out of bad weather, he was an examiner for newly qualified pilots. He is currently still active as an ALTP examiner.

Mark D Young (ZA)

Mark D YoungMark has also served in an air force, which is where he caught the flight safety bug. His career, however, has involved board-level magement experience in national corporations as well as permitting him to pursue aviation safety  research, writing and photography. He is a published author of a history of South African Airways Accidents and Incidents. He was moved to use his network of industry contacts to try and resolve the whereabouts of MH370 when it appeared that the official search would be suspended. His knowledge of various technical aspects of aviation accident investigation, management & media experience are attributes needed in his role as project co-ordinator.

Additional Board members welcome

Project370 Limited Inc. welcomes approaches from volunteers who believe they are qualified to serve on the board of an international charity such as this. You need to be willing to take the legal responsibility of being a formal member of the board and be willing to put in the work needed to make this project a success.

Alternatively, if you feel there is someone else who needs to be a part of the management team (ask them first), please get in touch with our info mail address.

USA office and mailing address

Project370, c/o1825 Eye Street NW Washington, DC 20006

Legal advisors USA:

Blank Rome LLP, Washington DC, USA

Legal advisors RSA

Brookes Attorneys, Durban

Project co-ordinator office mailing address in RSA

Project370, Suite 19, Private Bag X7005, Hillcrest, Republic of South Africa, 3610

Sea Survey Advisors and proposed contractors

Williamson and Associates, Seattle, Washington, USA.

More than 90 Volunteers, technical experts and advisors currently located in:

Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Malaysia, Mauritius, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Tasmania, United Kingdom, United States.


You can help by Volunteering your specialist skills.